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Wish i had more time to hear my own thoughts Constantly trying to stay busy to distract me from the ugly things in this world,but you cant escape it,because even if you ignore the faces its sad to see someone else face it. You know many people aren’t built as strong as you, and Ofcourse when i said (you) i meant myself, even i’m not as strong as i seem to be, but i speak what i need to be into existence because i refuse to fall short and let people see my weakness. Yes i am only human, and yes im a woman with a lot of emotions, someone once told me “ you must control your emotions “ and im working on it. It takes time but im still working on it. I’ve seen myself reach limits I thought i’d never reach, i’ve seen things i thought i’d never seen. I work hard and i cant stress this anymore how i cant wait for it all to pay out. Its crazy because i know what i want and i go and get it by any means necessary.  
I know im soft, but im rough around the edges, i take a lot of shit from people th…

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