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Hey babes,
Yall know your girl been busy and i see some of your messages about when i was going to post but y’all know i got to really focus on my brand right now. Most of the time i write but i never finish my pieces, and thats crazy because i use to be so consistent with this.
Yeah i know i’ve been missing, i know. But i’ve been busy! Busy getting things together for you guys. Branding? Ugh i knew it wouldn’t be easy but never knew it would be this exhausting, but its going to pay off. As you may see on most of my social media sites, I’m releasing 2 new products; Hydrating Shampoo for both genders & the #GetTamed Swimsuits. Alot of you have been reaching out to me about products you’d like to see on the line, but its all about timing, saving, planning and getting ready to execute the plan. 
When creating a particular product it doesn’t take days or weeks! It takes MONTHS and is called for a lot of money. Which i don’t mind spending for something that has my name and my hard wo…

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