Im always up late just trying to figure out ways to better myself, i’ve been so busy trying to get things together and figure out how i want things to go. Its goes from everything being planned out to everything not going as planned. This i should be use to, it happens to most of us if not all of us. I just really want my brand to grow and be successful i know it takes time, and trust me i do put all my time and effort into it. I read a lot, search a lot, strategize a lot just to make things better. Because i know that this is only the beginning and things can get better. People say i make it look easy but truth be told i don’t put every struggle out there on the internet for returning customers or future customers to see. Some days it’s overwhelming and i don’t know what to do but most days i think I’m superwoman and think that i can do everything on my own because thats what I’m use too. Im really grateful for where I’m at although its only the beginning I’m willing to push extra hard because i know that i can and i know what i want. Sales are going extremely well in stores and with me personally. I have so much planned for Tamed Cosmetics. 4 months in and I’m growing and its just the beginning. Every time i get a call from any of the stores stating that they’re sold out or almost sold out and that they want to place an order for more my heart lights up. When i get a load of positive feedbacks i just want to cry because I’m so emotional. It makes me so happy words cant explain. Today i actually reached 900 followers today on my business page. Although i don’t base sales on followers because really and truly theres so many people that purchase from me that don’t even own a IG account but know of the product and i appreciate that. Some days i push myself so hard and get down on myself because i know the potential i have. Some days its hard, like really hard but i smile and push through every struggle. I know i can and thats why I’m doing it. I know I’m not built to fold under pressure, and i know that despite every obstacle that I’m faced with i can overcome with guidance from the higher above. You know hard work and dedication goes a long way, and nothing happens over night. Its only the beginning, the sleepless nights are appreciated most when you see what you want transform right before your eyes. Grateful for everyone that supports me most, and through this i learn that everything takes patience and unfolds with time. PATIENCE & PERSEVERANCE! The Tamed way always. I’m actually suppose to be labeling right now but i took a minute to type and express myself because I haven’t in a while. You know i love writing on my blog although I haven’t been updating as much recently but i think i want to start physically writing in my journal again EVERYDAY as i go through this journey just so i can look back at them in the years to come and smile. 

Anyways my little darlings always remember thats whatever you do there is always room for improvement. No one is perfect, and always keep in mind to all my business owners half ass hustle gets you half ass paid. STAY BLESSED 

Always remember to “ Rate yourself enough to understand your value”



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