Hey babes,

Yall know your girl been busy and i see some of your messages about when i was going to post but y’all know i got to really focus on my brand right now. Most of the time i write but i never finish my pieces, and thats crazy because i use to be so consistent with this.


Yeah i know i’ve been missing, i know. But i’ve been busy! Busy getting things together for you guys. Branding? Ugh i knew it wouldn’t be easy but never knew it would be this exhausting, but its going to pay off. As you may see on most of my social media sites, I’m releasing 2 new products; Hydrating Shampoo for both genders & the #GetTamed Swimsuits. Alot of you have been reaching out to me about products you’d like to see on the line, but its all about timing, saving, planning and getting ready to execute the plan. 

When creating a particular product it doesn’t take days or weeks! It takes MONTHS and is called for a lot of money. Which i don’t mind spending for something that has my name and my hard work and dedication placed into it.

Its really about patience. Its all about determination. Its all about strategizing. Nonetheless its all about trusting the process. Yes 

Its really been an eye opening experience, i’ve always seen the way people react to others making an innocent living and seen the hate. But seeing it my way, made me look at the struggle of success differently, but i know I’m stronger than the noise in the market and besides its so many of you that actually LOVE, the product. It is overwhelming with just me dealing with everything, but i try my best to keep it cool and collective. 

Im so excited for May, i just cant wait for the wait to be over! 

So i was planning a Q&A for you guys and then Brinique wanted to interview me about the brand, she forwarded a few questions ill answer below

1. When exactly was Tamed Cosmetics established?

I’ve worked on Tamed Cosmetics for over a year although i’ve first mentioned it to the public November2017. Product went on sale December 2017

2. Explain why you chose to use the word “Tamed”? I think that’s quite clever. 😌

In all honesty i wanted to use “sleek” but an associate of mine was like “Tame” and i was fascinated and said “okay boom TAMED!”

3. What are your short term and long term goals for your brand?

My short term goal for my brand is to push the last 3 products for this year out( shampoo, merchandise, conditioner). Shampoo and merchandise(swimsuits & bodysuits) drops May2018 and conditioner drop August 2018. 

>Long term goal is to open up my very own store because basically everything is online based and home based beside from stores that buy wholesale from me. I also want to be very international, i ship internationally now but i want to be very well know. I want when people google my name or my brand they see tons of good reviews and see thats its actually a legit brand. 
Long term i also want to have a number of small brands i wouldn’t say under me but i want to be able to push and motivate small business even if its helping them with links and marketing skills under the name “Beauty LinkUp” Shoutout my friend delly for the name.

4. Estimate how many products have you sold since you’ve launched?

I first started with 120 cans which i was sold out in 3 days and ever since i’ve brought 2 sets of 300 so from middle December 2017 to March 2018 id say 720 cans 

5. What strategies do you think you can do (or continue doing) to expand your brand further?

I wouldn’t say support to get support because you cant force anyone to support you but to stay on my hustle, continue to push my myself continue to not doubt myself and remain humble. Not to be dependent but never act like i dont need help, support those that i can because you never know who’d be a blessing on me. 

Stay determined and block out any negative energy because once people see the way in which i carry myself and my brand,the way i deal with everything  on my own they would however respect the fact that this is something i actually want. No matter how overwhelmed i am, i want to focus on the main goal which is to be established, WELL ESTABLISHED and in order for that to happen i must take pride in my work and go for what i want, invest in my brand, i cant be afraid invest in my brand because you have to spend money to make money. Strategize, plan out then execute for things to come to life.

6. How did you feel when you made your first few sales?

Like i stated above i started with 120 cans which was the medium hold formula and i was sold out in 3 days. I was shocked and happy at the same time until it brought tears to my eyes because i wouldn’t say i was doubting myself at first but i never knew people had this much faith in me to actually trust me with a product that they would have to use on their hair. I knew a-lot of people read my blog but i never knew they had this much faith in me

7. How has the support and feedback been like for you from your friends and family? 

From family nothing but love my few friends they support customers love it and i always let them know if any questions or concerns they can always reach out to me. Ofcourse you know there will be a few bitter people but in all actuality we know the nature of the beast when it comes down to haters and when people see you doing something thats actually good, they love what you’re doing but hate that its you doing it

8. Who and/or what keeps you motivated? 

Tbh myself self motivation is all i have besides my mom, shes beyond proud. Also days when I’m overwhelmed i look at messages from customers and how grateful they are for the product and i’m like its no longer just for my needs but also for people out there that needs it as-well

9. You have a brand new addition to the collection which is the hydrating shampoo launching in May; can it be used for all hair textures? And will there be a conditioner soon?

The hydrating can be used on ALL HAIR TYPES. What it does is add life to your hair, thickens your hair if it’s damaged or thin, softening you hair and promoting hair growth. Its also good for those with locs and believe it or not VERY good for bringing you hair extensions back to life.The conditioner will be released in August 2018

10. Lastly, how often will you be adding new products to the collection? 
Weekly, monthly, yearly etc...

Hair products isnt as easy as clothing. Which means it takes time, alot of time when it comes down to communicating with factories and coming up with an actual formula that fits those around me and internationally. Something that represents me. But my goal is to have atleast 3 products per year. For 2019 im working on a curling cream and also a wave grease for men.

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Always remember to “ Rate yourself enough to understand your value”



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