LynTalks: Make It Happen

We speak about what we want in life? But what do we do to get it started? Whats our plan? First step? End result we want? How far do we want to take it? What are we willing to do to succeed? What are we willing to lose? How much are you willing to take? 

Its all about your mindset, its all about what you really want. I swear we could have anything we want in this life if we actually be persistent.

I’ve spoken about this before. You must create a plan, evaluate it, then execute! 

Many are afraid of criticism, many are afraid of failure, many are afraid of lack of support which kills their self esteem. I believe if you want something you push for it, even if no one supports you do what YOU want. JUST GO, don’t look back, don’t worry about what others are saying, just keep it going.
You win some you lose some! Invest hope for the best; if your plan by any means needs editing do so. The end result however is to make a profit out of whatever you invest money in, for business sake. 

I’ve learn in life many wont support you, many will want to support you but because they don’t want to see you doing better than them they wont. Or just out of spite and jealousy. But you cant let things like that get to you, because the goal is to go above and beyond and no matter who doesn’t approve or want to see you be great, you must!

You really have to stay grounded in this world full of hate. Literally stand for what you believe in and push for what you want. Many see what you have but don’t know the hard work behind each blessing being received. Many want what you have but not willing to do what you had to do to get where you are.

Nothing but patience & dedication. We wont always understand the process but we must trust it. We may want to give up many times but the blessing is appreciated much more when you know how hard you’ve worked. Nothing in life comes easy, and for every time you fall, you get right back up. ALWAYS, be dedicated.

Speak what you want into existence, stand strong on each word you push out, remain focus on what YOU REALLY WANT, don’t get distracted THEN execute your plan ! Watch everything fall in place. I swear its nothing but timing. Remain humble no matter how far you get and watch your reward double, even triple. 

Speak guidance & protection in each step you make, over each plan you create, ask for knowledge and understanding when things get rough.  Just Timing.

Let nothing get between you and your goal. The key is to never lose focus and push for what you want.

Always remember to “ Rate yourself enough to understand your value”



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