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Issa PSA !

I know I’ve been slacking a bit and probably posting when i feel like, but i’ve been caught up a bit. Although i do write everyday, finding the right time to edit and post, haven’t really been there as much lately. Junkanoo season is approaching, i work, etc...SO YOUR GIRL BEEN BUSY !

BUT, babes i got good news! And i’ve been keeping it to myself for months now; until i was SURE... I believe in keeping things to myself until I’m 100% sure and things are lined up.

I’ve always told myself for years, create a plan THEN execute, and lets just say now is the time.

So, I’ve been trying to put this whole thing together for months now, and its been overwhelming, but kept me grounded and driven.

Deciding exactly what i wanted to offer those around me, and internationally that’s DIFFERENT, was the challenge. I love challenges, no doubt but this one got me.

...Let just say Thank god for giving me this opportunity to practice patience and i appreciate this experience for showing me exactly how determined i can be when i actually want something done! 

It took me forever trying to figure things out and when i finally decided i actually ran it cross one of my darling friends Tia Thompson who is such a blessing to me i swear, then later i ran it cross my mother pushing the stress on her, because god knows i couldnt do this alone.

With that being said i am dropping a hair care line! Yup your girl done did it again.

( Some of you may have seen me post this on my snapchat - LeeAshantii-)

Bringing to you products like Edge control(which will be the first product dropping), shampoo, conditioner & moisturizer. With MY name on them (LeeLyn’) 

  • not anyone’s else’s product but MINE 

Branding as “ TAMED”

For my natural and relaxed females, water based also featuring ingredients like aloe vera, esential oils (castor oil, and coconut oil) just to name a few. This product moisturizes and stimulates hair growth also leaves hair smooth. So I’m looking out for your EDGES ! 

Website in the making, videos in the making, products are being manufactured, processed and labeling will be done in short order....Didnt know it took this much but, its a lot of work but we’re getting there and we’re about to drop the bomb in a few  ! 

Originally i planned for the product to drop in the new year, but with everyone coming home those around me are trying to get me to drop it before the year is out. But “timing”

LAUNCHED party TBA (Bahamas)
and eventually right after an official website will be placed out for those of you that read my blog posts internationally.

Next post most likely will be a vlog with the girls i choose to promote for me, 

....i’ll drop it and give it to you guys

But to keep up with everything relating to the product

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Always remember to “ Rate yourself enough to understand your value”



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