The year is almost out and i cant stretch how busy i’ve been. I know that i’ve mention that the next post will be a video promoting my new brand “Tamed” but to be honest, its been rough actually organizing a time for the girls to shoot. Especially during this busy holiday season. But the product is NOW ON SALE! Both the medium & strong hold. Sold out the medium hold in 3 days, so I appreciate everyone that supported me and those that will continue to do so.

Nonetheless im beyond grateful, its been a-lot of ups & downs, but the goal is to keep a positive mindset and not let the bumps stop you from progressing. 

You know it takes a lot out of someone to actually go out there and do their own thing because you get a lot of bitter people throwing their negative comments around. You know many people hate to see you actually trying to do something with yourself and its not to say that you think you’re better than anyone but its just you “DOING YOU”. LEGIT. 

I know many people probably wont ever support me no matter how good my product is but they’re the people you pray for and rise above. 2018 nothing but prosperity and blessings. 

Still building the website for “Tamed Cosmetics “, but in the meantime i am doing shipping & deliveries. Also the product is sold @ Smitty’s Pharmacy (Palmdale- Nassau,Bahamas) 

You can always reach me on Twitter(LeeAshantii),Facebook(Get Tamed) or Instagram( Tamed242)

Nothing but patience & dedication. And for those asking about my blogging, i didn’t stop, just got a-lot going on right now. Lyn STILL talks ! Lyn STILL the plug!  The humble don’t stumble.

Pray everyone have a prosperous new year

Always remember to “ Rate yourself enough to understand your value”



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