Trust The Process

Lets make this quick.

I’ll start by saying lately i’ve been in a “no pressure,let life play out” kind of mood, and lets just say things will be things.

Lol, life is truly what you make it. And whatever doesn’t work out turns into a lesson not a lost. ALL FACTS ! 
Also believe it or not if it didnt work one way and you really want it, try another method, dont let it keep you down.

But on another note..
You know when life is going good and you’re on a different level of happiness...contentment..yeah, that feeling.

You know somehow It seems easy for people to just tell you, live life happy, but when you honestly put yourself first nonetheless and not let the things of this toxic world get to you, its a different kind of feeling, and life becomes easier. 

I know we hear this a lot but its really about trusting the process, i know its easier said than done but however let it play out. Be patient. No pressure.

“There is a time to speak and a time to listen. A time to move and a time to rest. And there is a time to work something out in our mind, or let it play itself out” - Vince gowmon

Its all about trusting the divine process of life. My previous post i talked about not being afraid of the unknown, which makes this post more understanding because it connects.

Im a person- i read a lot, think a lot, and put everything into writing. 

Lately placing deep faith in my guidance brought me to the point where I’ve noticed that you shouldn’t be afraid of whats ahead of you. Usually familiar things and situations bring us a sense of comfort or security and a reliable routine. Therefore sometimes we seek out familiarity for that reason and at times we choose risk and exploration, that can come with the new and different. That means that there are times when familiarity can hold us back, which makes us turn away for opportunities because its unknown to us.

You know we speak about faith/trust but somehow many of us dont have it. Many are iffy; sometimes finding themselves doubting and making it harder for them to achieve whats there to come. 

Sometimes life brings us to the point where we have to take our attention off the world and focus on whats deeper than that. Focusing on ways we can better ourselves, without trying to prove something to the people around us.

Getting rid of the negative energy and channeling positivity into your steps forward makes a big difference.

Sometimes trusting the process brings us to the point where we have no choice but to elevate. You have to isolate yourself most times in order for elevation to take place. We may find ourselves thinking about why we’re in certain situations more than once and its because either we’re walking down the same path, still surrounded by individuals that suck the life out of us or simply because we’re too complacent to trust the process. 

Truthfully like i said before during isolation not too many people will relate to you, or understand why you’re acting a certain way. Toxic friendships and relationships will start removing themselves without explanation, i cant make this up. But nonetheless, keep it pushing you have to trust the process and let go. Sometimes things fall out of place, for you to get where you need to be.

~Learn & Grow~

Always remember to “ Rate yourself enough to understand your value”



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