Fear: Unafraid of The Unknown


We face them ourselves, or even the people around us.
I personally believe that fear is our imagination running wild. Us overreacting, overthinking, being uncertain.

There are different types of fear; fear of loneliness, fear of rejection, fear of change, the fear of not being accepted and the list goes on

Facing our fears, is an emotion some of us mange to overcome and many of us have yet to overcome. This makes or breaks us.

Sometimes we let our fears get the best of us. Hence the reason why we worry about the opinion of others sometimes. Letting fear determine your next step sometimes gets in the way, and for the most part some people even lose themselves because of fear. Fear creates doubts, which leaves you with no room to thrive.

“Destroy that illusion, and you will destroy your fears” - Heitem Ak

We have to understand or remind ourselves that fear is an illusion. We cant be controlled by fear. Fear is an emotion and energy that contracts, which leads to destroying the weak because it dominates your actions.Nonetheless puts you in a predicament that prevents change. Or even prevents new opportunities.

For example many of us have been hurt before, and we sometimes tend to beat others with the same stick because of the fear of getting hurt again.

Even when it comes down to “shooting our shot” the fear of that person turning out to be just like the rest clicks in our head. And that should not be the case.

Some are afraid of letting another person into their life because however no one knows what a person’s true intentions are and its understandable -but sometimes life is about taking risk.

Whether its a new job, new relationship, or any new situation. Accept the challenge thats before you and embrace it.

Unafraid of the unknown

Some find it easier to be afraid of whats ahead of them ( the unknown) but the blessing of life is that you can let go and not allow those things(the past) to drain you and hold you back from whats to come in life.

You cant be afraid to face whats ahead of you. A new journey. Truth be told you wont grow if you’re afraid to reveal what’s next, you cant be afraid to lose what you have now. No matter what it is. What’s ahead can be a lesson or a blessing.

For we know what we should be doing, but however some people are afraid to take action because they’re thinking negatively. The thought that there can be a risk involved with this big life transition, scares them.

Life is about taking chances. Life can be so simple once we learn how to overcome the illusion that fear creates. 

Life isn’t perfect, but we can control how it plays out. Embrace whats ahead of you and by any means necessary make the best of it. Sometimes its all about trusting your instinct and trying something new. Change is good. 

Don't let fear make you leave with regrets. Dont let fear control your decisions in life. Fear is a fake reality/ imagination we’ve created ourselves, dont be overpowered by fear. Its all in your head! 

Be honest with yourself It's okay, FACE YOUR TRAUMA, don’t let fear control you. Forever choose love and honesty and despite whatever don't let the bullshit interrupt you. 

“fear is used to weaken a community before control is taken” stay solid!

Once again its all in your head!

Dont let this shit break you down.Don’t let the opinions of others prevent  you from overcoming any life challenges. Don’t let the opinions of others discourage you from doing what you truly want to do. Accept the fact that you’re different and don’t have to be like the people around you. Remember to do what’s best for you, and YOU ONLY! 

Fear only has power if you allow it. You have to control it or it WILL control you. 

Happy November guys

Always Remember to Rate yourself enough to understand your value



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