So lately I’ve been on a different vibe, and kept thinking and replaying certain situations. And i’ve notice that from the year started there has been so many ups and downs and challenges. Challenges i managed to pull myself through and overcome.

There comes a time where we have to realize that there’s time for a change. But first we must be willing to accept change, willing to make sacrifices, willing to accept that change is good and doesn’t just happen overnight- but gradually. We may think its impossible, but anything is possible.

Its time to let go of anything that drains you, instead of giving you life.

This includes letting go of anything that makes you come off as being weak and dulls your spirit. And sadly we start to become what or who is surrounding us. And sometimes change mean leaving some people behind. Do it with kindness and not fear.

Though it may be hard trying to balance the utmost situations that face us in society, it is however possible to overcome these situations.

We hurt, we search, feel empty and go through situations that seem like there is simply no hope, sometimes. The key to overcoming is finding a new balance. We cant be controlled by the things we think we need. We must learn to shield ourselves.

- your happiness, your peace of mind, new growth, new strengths, experiences that uplift and nourishes. Whatever brings out the best in you(inspires you to be the higher you)anything that eliminates negativity. Hence the reason we must get rid of dense energy that surrounds us. 

We tend to become unbalance when we feed into negativity, when we surround ourself with people that takes away every piece of positive energy that we consume.  In every choice in life we must be mindfully aware of the flow of energy.

~Remember how imperative it is to master emitting your own frequency and intention rather than absorbing energy imprints from everything else.~

You should vibe so high that nobody can kill your vibe and no negativity can affect you. When anything comes your way that try to disturb your peace and doesn’t succeed, thats when you know you’ve found your new balance. Nothing is better than contentment.

You find new balance when you’re in love with all that you are, and you become untouchable and at peace with yourself when even the most extreme situations you handle generously. Finding new balance to me, mean letting go of every grudge i once held, showing an overwhelming amount of forgiveness and producing more love than i’d like to receive.

At the end of the day, its not about proving a point to people, especially people that hate to see you living your best life. Its okay to not be liked by everyone, whats most important is self love. 

Sometimes you have to isolate yourself for a while, thats where you have time to reflect, THINK. Sometimes we need time for ourselves, time away from socializing, social media, even our phones. Most times all you need is you and your thoughts. And thats what some are afraid of. 

You may be surrounded by individuals who dont understand the isolation process. You may feel the urge to cut some people off and stop certain activities. You may feel confused and alone at times( because its something new that your not use too).

Life becomes easier when you separate what you want from what you need. Sometimes its hard to distinguish if your caught up on whats going on in society. 

New Balance is whats best for you, what makes you feel a way you’ve never felt before in a positive way. New balance is finding the balance you need to get through life, and this is when you be real even if its with yourself because however only YOU know what YOU need. Our life is in the palms of our hands and if we allow negative forces to determine how our life turn out, we’d forever be unbalance. We get rid of every negative force and replace them with positive forces that gives us a peace of mind- which creates a new balance. New balance brings about drastic change. Nothing but peace, love and prosperity. 

“Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned” - Erykah Badu

Happy October 

Find you peace and support your truth



  1. This post was so necessary. It reminds us to take a step back, look at our lives, the people in it, the things we choose to parttake in and ask ourselves if this the right direction... are we happy? Are we truly living our best lives unapologetically?! Wow. Thank you

    1. RIGHT. Very true but nonetheless you’re more than welcome darling❤️

  2. I loved this, this makes a lot of sense. Sometimes people don't know what exactly is causing them to be dragged down. More often than not, it's your friends and way of thinking that traps you in your paradigm. It's clear that people don't sit down and plot out what exactly it is they want to be in life and how they need to become in order to achieve it. A lot of times persons go through life with negative things in their lives not realizing who or what are polluting their mind, we must stand guard at the door of our mind daily. We can choose what we want to think about and the thoughts that we dwell on, however not everyone has control of this. Most of the people on this planet are on autopilot, they let their minds run wild. Master your mind, don't let it control you. Sad to say, the lack of awareness about this is rampant so most people will most certainly stay trapped how they are. Until you consciously make a deliberate effort to change how you are nothing will change.


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