GUEST: Thoughts Create Reality

I need you to understand what I'm telling you right now. If you live in a victim mindset you might not want to continue reading this but I highly suggest you do anyway. If you want to go anywhere and be anything in life you have to have to make a promise to yourself at this very moment to give 100% or don't even try. I'm just being honest with you. Half effort results in half outcomes. You're not the victim of life's random mishaps you're actually the cause.

 Your mind is a very talented tool that most don't understand and utilize. Every thought, word, intention is bounced off like energy into the universe and in and it's reflected back into your reality. If you hold the belief that a man or women isn't shit then guess what? That's exactly what you will attract.  

You see, we all have  this this thing called the subconscious mind. Think of this as the storage unit in a computer. The hard drive. This stores and holds everything.  The reason you're able to surf the web. Type your paper. You can also view your subconscious mind as the controller to your video game. Because in fact this life is nothing more then a video game in which your mind is the controller. 

You have the power and free will to create whatever it is you want. Now Everything you've been exposed to as a child up until now is stored in the subconscious. The habits of your parents, their beliefs, how they were raised. All of that is programmed into you. Your subconscious soaks all of this up and manifests in your reality.

 You have to control and become conscious and responsible of what you're feeding it. Television for example, "tell lies to vision" is nothing but a programming method. The music you listen to heavily influences what you're being programmed as well. Those you surround yourself with. All of these things play a major factor in what you're creating.

 Now I need you at this very moment to make a conscious effort to take full responsibility of your feelings and what you're saying. A scarcity mindset will attract a scarce reality. A wealthy mindset will attract nothing but wealth. That's the vibration you're giving off to the universe and it has no choice but to give you what you want. You're your own genie! We have universal laws that are much bigger than us. 

One being the Law of attraction of. This law states basically you attract what you are. If you want to be successful. You have to see it. You have to feel it. You have to become it. The universe will move out your way I promise you. This is a consistent effort and practice. Every morning and night I visualize myself in my expensive car. My family. The millions in my account. I FEEL how I would feel in that exact moment. You know how you felt on Christmas night before Santa Claus was supposed to come? I mean that kind of feeling. Once you adopt that life is happening because of you not to you. Your life will never be the same again. Welcome to the other side 

Written by: Richard Farmer

Twitter : @_MrManifest


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