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Lets talk real talk. What we see each and everyday, we see it on social media, and even in person.

Our generation is very tech savvy, and most- if not all of our communicating is done through social media. Most of us dedicate our lives to social media, but let's talk about the females we SEE on social media; those we see everyday. 

Today, most females fail to understand that there is more to life than just social
media, relationships and material things.
In order for you to be taken seriously, you must give a substantial reason to be. In other words in order for anyone to respect you, you must first respect yourself.

We live in a society where females prefer handouts rather than actually working for what they want, hence the reason they're so dependent- on parents, on men, on friends, etc. Some fail to realize that men like women that are self driven and independent. There are females that have not worked a day in their lives, but brag about the things they have to uphold a certain image on social media [this goes back to those that we SEE]. This is why its so important not to be envious of the lives of others, because it is unknown how the life they live, or the things they have are obtained. 

Some females today have no drive, no independence, however they seek validation and constantly try to fit in where they dont belong. WE SEE THIS EVERYDAY. There are females that worry about the "hype", instead of creating their own waves. They tend to ride the wave that gets the most attention, because they cant find their own identity. Trying tirelessly to impress individuals who couldnt care less about them becomes a hobby. 

These kind of females thrive off of large amounts followers,likes and comments on IG from their asses on the sink and half naked pictures. You also have females that thrives off of drama, the ones that are always "in the mix", they find this cute but sadly it isnt.

 You have females that throw themselves on men because of their "name" and for the attention, and turn around and play the victim when these men treat them the way they do. They sleep around hoping for a come up, ladies,please. But we live in a society where we're just liking and sharing. If everyone had you, how can they respect you?

I'm not here to preach about morals and what is acceptable in society, because truth be told I'm not perfect. NO ONE IS. We must understand that the way we carry ourselves and rate OURSELVES, is how we will be looked at and ridiculed by others. No doubt. 

There are some females that have a difficult time holding a substantial conversation about their aspirations in life, or what they study in school and why. Their focus is solely partying, what outfit to wear at the next big event, and getting drunk. Don't get me wrong guys, partying is a big part of our lives, we all need to unwind and let loose sometimes, but there must be something greater after, there must be some drive to do something better. They settle, not because they have to but because they want to. 

There are females out there that use men for what they have, and if they were to lose it all, they have not the slightest idea of what can be done for damage control. There are worthless females that are only around because it is beneficial to them, but the minute they're unable to get what they want from you, they leave.

Why? Idk.
We're all raised differently.

They dont want to get a job because they're so dependent on men, which is sickening. As a young lady, it is important to HAVE YOUR OWN. It is important to be able to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

Majority of these females even if they fail to actually get a job, they fail to utilize the opportunity by taking a couple classes and trying to further their education or their craft!   Okay, lets make this clear, I'm not saying that in order to become successful, attending university is a must, and I'm not saying that, because you attend college it makes you better than those that didn't, because neither statement is true. However, it's a step toward you bettering yourself. 

We determine our future. If we sit back and only worry about likes, followers, fame, getting the latest gucci bag, clubbing and popping bottles, we'd end up nowhere, and BROKE might I add! What matters goes beyond what you have now, its all about what you can accomplish in the years to come.

Whats a pretty face, with no substance?
Its like opening a book with empty pages.
Its like jumping in a car, with no engine.

Ladies you must keep it real, even if its with yourself.

Always remember to Rate yourself enough to understand your value



  1. Absolutely right. Girls today just have no morals smh , it's sad! Don't have much to offer, except what's between their legs . #WhenAreTheyGonnaLearn? 🤔

    1. You have to offer more than just a good sex appeal and a pretty face. Thats a question that needs answers🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. This is one of the main cons of social media now days, it gives us access to people's lives instantly. We have full frontal view of celebrities/social icons lives, yes, they have the latest and are the trendiest, but don't make it an obsession to try and be like them. The problem with this generation is they have confused aspiration with admiration, aspiring to be some one is detrimental. They want to become someone who is known for being themselves. See the problem? It has created materialistic values, how people obtain these things are unknown. They lose themselves following the crowd not aware of who they are or what they really want in life and with the millennial generation having access to others lives in the blink of an eye, distractions are in control 24/7. People just need to take a timeout and figure out who they are and where they want to go in life

    1. Its sad seeing where people heads are and whats sad is people try to see themselves through other people. If you dont find yourself you'll be lost forever.


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