LOL. So check this out!

Anyone ever noticed that you and this person can have THE BEST conversations daily. You may connect well....but the minute you decide to go into a relationship with them, everything fails?

...Like is it a sign from God? Was everything a lie in the beginning? Like what is it? Wtf is this?

I think once someone gets a "title" they get off track.
Like is there a manual to this thing? What exactly is it? We were perfect before, how are we failing?

I think the problem is, people get too comfortable once they get you. They have you, so the effort of trying to impress you is NO LONGER there. OK, this doesn't apply to every situations, but just a few, or maybe majority lol.

Why work so hard for someone, and when you finally get them, you stop doing everything you did to get them? Like do you stop wanting them after you get them? Did you NOW notice that, this isnt what you want? This is the kind of situation that would push someone away.

Look fellas!
Women have no time for mixed signals
No room for excuses
No time for fronting
Get to the point, state your purpose, follow through with making us happy and vice versa

I mean i get it, we sometimes end up in forced situations, or mess up by getting into these "situationships" and we may misinterpret it all, thinking its one thing when it clearly may not be what we simply think it is. BUT...shit! Correct us if we're wrong. Stop misleading us. Dont tell us what we want to hear. Tell us what we need to hear. If a relationship is not what you want state it from the beginning, this goes for both genders. We get what we allow, sad but true. Truth is whats meant to be shouldnt be forced, nonetheless if no interest is being showed they're not interested. PERIOD.

Okay, lets admit it, its no secret that  if we really want something, we'd do just about anything in the world to get it. Its also no secret that, men play this psychological game well. Ugh ! I'll get to the point without sugarcoating it. If a man JUST wants sex from you, he will say and do just about anything, to get what he wants, and after.....well we know the rest.
Women however, can misinterpret this differently.
In the minds of many females " Okay, we had sex, now what are we?"


The answer to it is, NOTHING, you're nothing! It was just sex. Yes it sounds harsh, but its reality, accept the fact that some men want nothing but sex from you. YES ! And those are the men that women try to force relationships with. IT WONT WORK!

Okay ladies...
Lets stop trying to use our vagina to manipulate men. YES ! The power of the Vagina. But face it, if he doesn't want to settle with you, he just wont. Suck it up, take that L, act like it didnt happen and move on. We hurt ourselves chasing whats bad for us. You deserve better. We are more than just bootycalls. Lets try this, when he calls, dont answer. STOP  Letting that aint shit nigga, control your emotions! Ladies we know when a situation isn't going anywhere.  Okay, check this out! Yall have been having sex for months, he only calls and ask "wyd" to see if you're  available for him to get a nut? Right? Okay lets proceed. You haven't been on an actual date with him because, you only go where he can bang, right? Okay, okay, check this last one out! He doesnt answer you on time, and when you ask where he's at, he brushes you off and continuously becomes unavailable to you. Damn ! You must always be available to him, but he ain't available for you all the time. RED FLAG!


Value yourselves ladies
Know your worth
And always remember to Rate yourself enough to understand your values



  1. Gals really put themselves through hell just to pull some potential out of a nigga, as a man, we should def see this as something that is positive. However, men don't think things through and use the wrong head when thinking most times. Smh

  2. Blogger-Vlogger2429 November 2017 at 16:09

    A friendship is one of the most valuable relationships that you can have. (My opinion) If you as friends get to that point where you *Both* decide to start *dating*... then it should be clear that it’s a pre-relationship trial mode or something lol.
    And quite honestly (my opinion) if you dare to get into a relationship, the end result should be marriage I’m hoping. Which also includes No Sex Until Marraige.. And besides you have your whole life (after marriage) to get to know each other more and have sex and grow together. ��������


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