I remember falling in love
I remember not giving a fuck
I do remember thugging it out, after praying to God asking "whats this about?"
Moved forward, remained focused and finished school, with a side hustle stacked some money and played it cool. 

Broked him off before i broke down, Cause these fellas only get around. They want the hype and the fast life, Try to spite you with a one night, LOL,
Turn around and tell you, you "overreacting" right?

They scroll on IG like the pictures that make them drool 
Reminisce on hitting it, get you pregnant and then act a fool.
With a wise mother she told me that shit aint right
Reflect on my father? fuck my daddy he aint been in my life.
19 and still no spite, i just call you out cause that shit aint right

I remember losing friends, 
Fuck, them bitches aint even dead
Then i lost granddad
Worst pain i ever had 
But its levels to this shit right?
You take L's and bounce back right? 
Gaining and maintaining thats how you get through life,right?

I remember saying fuck it all
Especially after losing grand dad It was definitely fuck it all
Aint no way he had to leave us all, Just one phone call and he had us all, 
Never had to struggle in life thats why I Thank God everynight, although i questioned if he was real sometimes

All this shit just opened my eyes
The same eyes that always cried, remains dry
Trust issues got me thinking every thing thats heard is a lie
But i miss, love sometimes
Might seem tough, but im soft inside
I weigh my options, because i dont like people wasting my 
An intellect, even though i may talk a lil slang
Humble, respectful, plus im fine
It only takes one nigga to make it right


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