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As time goes by you start to think to yourself "Is being in a relationship worth it?". All the ups and downs, mixed emotions, and heart breaks. Have you ever thought about do guys really care about females feelings? do they even have feelings? when they say they do are they even real? We live in a generation where males don't realize when they have a good woman. They take advantage of the fact that she would do any and everything for him.
   What guys fail to understand is that when a woman loves you it runs deep. Its not something she just says, its something she means. Taking a woman's love for granted is something that would push a good woman away, eventually. Love is a strong meaningful word that most use incorrectly. Yes love is about caring and being there for someone, yes it is about being there through the worst and motivating them, and most definitely it is about loyalty. So what happens if you're  loving this person and it's like they're not noticing or appreciating your love and loyalty? What happens when you're  giving this person your all and you're  feeling unappreciated? What happens when you've done all you could to try and fix the relationship but it seems like its not working at one point? Some may say leave, some may say keep trying if you love them. Love isn't about being stupid, once you know your worth you start to realize what you deserve.
    The saying " you don't know what you got until its gone" is something I highly disagree with. The thing is with males is that they know what they  got, they just think because they have you and because you " love " them they wont lose you. Every woman has their breaking point, some may take a while to get there whereas some reach there quicker than others. When you have a good woman love and appreciate her, never take her for granted.


  1. I know it has nothing to do with this post, but omg Nicki looks so absolutely beautiful and woowowowoww in that gif at the top of your page, like is she even real??? people might think she is just some famous woman like all the rest, but in fact she is sooo nice and lovely! I mean she supports LGBT and is just such a wonderful human being. I'm sorry :p


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